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 Prophetic Times To The End - Part Fifteen

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PostSubject: Prophetic Times To The End - Part Fifteen   Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:17 pm

Silence In Heaven

Chapter Eight records the opening of the seventh and final seal. The period prophesied here is still the tribulation, Daniels seventieth week. With the opening of the seventh seal we are introduced to the sounding of the seven trumpets. The seventh seal includes the seven trumpets. The parenthesis between the sixth and seventh trumpets includes: The sounding of the seventh trumpet appears: This entire period of the tribulation is one of a series of judgments. Not until after the judgments are there voices heard saying, “The kingdom of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and His Christ; and He shall reign for eve and ever” [Ref. Rev. 11].

The Silent Pause:
Rev. 8:1 We must notice here that the silence is in Heaven, not on the earth. The silence in Heaven of which our text speaks precedes a time of silence on earth [Ref. Ha. 2:20; Isa. 41:1; Zech. 2:13]. In chapters five and six all of Heaven resounds with the praises of redeemed men and of angels, giving glory to the Lamb. We see here there is stillness and a silence. No voice is heard; no motion is seen. Subsequent to the silence God will speak “Then shall He speak unto them in His wrath, and vex them in His sore displeasure” [Ref. Psa. 2:5). These days it is mans turn to speak. God has spoken. “God spoke in time past unto the fathers by the prophets to Israel,” and He “Hath in these last days spoken to man by His Son” [Ref. Heb.1, 2]. The next time God’s voice is heard throughout all the earth, judgment will fall upon the unbelieving world of men.

The solemn Preparation:
Rev. 8:2 We have a continued ministry of angels here. These seven before us in this verse will dispense the execution of judgment through the sounding of the trumpets. They are restrained for the space of about half an hour. This interlude is the preparation for that judgment. Not that “half an hour” is not a long period of time when one is engaged in some pleasantry, but thirty minutes intense suspense can be very nerve shattering. These are solemn moments because of the judgment which is to follow. This is the silence; most solemn preparation for the awful judgments ever to come upon the world. These are the judgments prophesied by Enoch [Ref. Jude 14], expected of by the Psalmist [Ref. Psa. 96], and verified by the Apostle Paul [Ref. Acts 17]. Indeed the wrath of God will be revealed from Heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men [Ref. Rom. 1].
Here we see the executors of God’s will prepared to bring forth judgment. Each of the seven angels holds a trumpet. Trumpets in scripture are used in various ways. Their sounding was a summons of worship [Ref. Num. 10:3, 7; 23:15-24] and warfare [Ref. Num. 10:5-9; Jud. 3:27-30]. The idea of the trumpet originated with God and He controlled its use [Ref. Num. 10]. Priests were the only ones qualified to blow them [Ref. Num 10]. How important then it was that the summons to warfare be not confused with that which called the people to worship [Ref. 1 Cor. 14]! The sound of the trumpet in Israel indicated the intervention of God in the affairs of men on earth. The seven trumpets before us tell of the great final intervention of God in judgment. These trumpets will not be calling men to work or worship. They are warlike in character and they tell us that divine judgment is about to fall upon the wicked ones who dwell on the earth.

The Saints Prayers:
Rev. 8-5 We have here an angel with priestly agendas. We have here an emphasis on the prayers of the saints( tribulation saints- Jews), which are given efficacy through the incense added by the angels. Who are these saints and what are they praying? Under the fifth seal we saw that the souls of the martyred saints cried for just judgment [Ref. Rev. 6, 10]. We should see that their petition is being taken up here by the Jewish remnant on earth. Their prayers are introduced to God the Father for divine approval, for they are furthered and benefited by the angel. It should be clear that their prayers have a profound connection with the sounding of the trumpets and the coming judgment. The prayers of the saints in that day will be for vengeance, and God will answer without delay.
Immediately after the prayers ascend before the Father, the judgments descend. The alter from which the angel filled the censer with fire represents the place of judgment. The fire represented the judgment of God upon sin as seen in the Levitical offerings. The alter was the expression of God’s holiness and righteousness in dealing with the sin of the people of old, so the same holies and righteousness will search the earth and judge and punish it accordingly.
The fire from the alter was emptied upon the earth and at once there followed voices, and thundering, and lightning’s, and an earthquake. These disruptions causing disorder in the earth are but the beginning of terrible calamities which follow the sounding of the trumpets. Those on the earth in that day will have rejected the all-sufficient Sacrifice (Jesus Christ), therefore, “there remained no more sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries” [Ref. Heb 10-27].
Our Lord and Savior has become the judge. The casting of the fire into the earth is merely a token judgment indicating that the sound of the trumpets will follow.

The Sinners Punishment:
First Trumpet:
Rev. 8:7 The plagues in Egypt, similar to these, were literal [Ref. Ex. 9-25]. There is one major difference, however. Then those plagues were to save Israel; in the tribulation they will trouble Israel and the world. At the sounding of this first trumpet, one-third of all vegetation will be destroyed. This leaves a bleak picture of desolation caused by hail and fire. The wide spread character of God’s judgment under the first trumpet is potent.

Second Trumpet:
Rev. 8:8-9 What ever it is, it looks like a mountain, “as it were a great mountain.” This immense mass resembled the mountain albaye. Just as the waters in Egypt were turned to blood and the fish did die, we accept this prediction of forthcoming judgment as literal [Ref. Ex. 7-21] [Ref. Psa. 105]. Included in the sounding of the second trumpet is the serious effect upon commerce, the third part of the world’s ships being destroyed? This prophecy given to John resembled closely those utterance which the Holy Spirit gave to Old Testament prophets [Ref. Hos. 4:1-3; Zeph. 1:3; Isa. 2:16].

The Third Trumpet:
Rev. 8: 10-11 A beautiful star comes soaring through space, toward earth. In its sweep along the surface it turns one third of the water in the earth into a deadly liquid. It affects rivers, springs, and wells. There is a striking prophecy of this in the Old Testament [Ref. Jer. 9:14-15; 23:15]. We should not think it strange that a great burning star could pour out a poisonous bitterness to the waters upon which it fell. God the Father will use that which He created to affect His ends. He put the stars in their place [Ref. Gen. 1-16]; He knows how many there are [Ref. Psa. 147]; and He has called each one by name [Ref. Job 9-10]. The name of this star is “Wormwood” (bitterness). When our Lord hung upon the cross, his enemies “GAVE Him vinegar to drink mingled with gall” [Ref. Mt. 27]. But at the sounding of the third trumpet, many wicked men will die from water made bitter by the Divine Judge. How wonderful that in this day of grace God makes available to men the soul-satisfying water of life [Ref. John 4:14; 7:37-39].

The Fourth Trumpet:
Rev. 8:12-13 The events recorded here are similar to those under the sixth seal [Ref. Rev. 6-14]. These are predicted clearly by our Lord and Savior [Ref. Luke 21-28]. These are the judgments of God going forth in the earth. On the fourth day He brought the sun, moon, and stars into view in order to provide light for man; under the fourth trumpet He shall withdraw the light He Himself created. All of this will affect the health and well being of the people on the earth at that time. This will disturb the seasons and hinder the growth of fruits and vegetables. And yet these are judgments merely preliminary to still greater woes to follow. Three more trumpets are yet to be heard. These are called the “woe” trumpets, indicating the severity of the finalization o God’s judgment at the end of the tribulation. Mankind has found false comfort in the lie that “All things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation [Ref. 2Pet. 3]. But the day will come when the so-called fixed laws of nature will be changed by our Lord and Savior who is the Source of all things.
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Prophetic Times To The End - Part Fifteen
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